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by Mare Allison
ISBN: 9889752115

Weapons of Our Warfare is a 216 page paperback about spiritual warfare in the context of prayer and intercession. What is the biblical basis for spiritual warfare? If we are at war, what exactly are our weapons and how do we use them?
There are 8 chapters:

1. Rescued from the Enemy's Camp
2. Preparing for Battle
3. Praying in the Spirit
4. God's Weapons:
The Name of the Lord, The Word of the Lord, Proclamation, Praise.
5. More Weapons: Forgiveness, Mercy, Love, Blessing, Repentance and Confession, Faith.
6. Still More Weapons: Remembrance, Binding and Loosing, Tearing Down and Building Up, Thanksgiving, Revelation 12:11.
7. Avoiding the Enemy's Weapons
8. Gideon and the Weapons of God

Weapons of our Warfare is a useful training tool and handbook for intercessors. This new edition also has several questions for groups and individuals at the end of each chapter. This book has also been published in Indonesian, Urdu and Chinese. (The ISBN of the first edition is: 1852401672. The first edtion is also still available in limited quantity at the same price.)

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The Chinese edition is availble from: Bible Light Publishers